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A. Michael Andrews
Specialists in Financial Sector Policy, Strategy, Regulation and Supervision
and Associates Limited
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The reality of policy development and implementation is much more complicated than the theoretical world of economic efficiency.

Perfect legislation that is never enacted is a worse outcome than good legislation which garners political support.

Financial sector policy the world over is influenced by issues such as access to financial services for low income and rural consumers, financing for particular sectors, a desire for national champions, and the broad popular appeal of criticizing real or perceived excessive profits.

Mike Andrews’ practical experience with the Mackay Task Force and in providing policy and legislative drafting advice to governments around the world enables him to deliver economically and prudentially sound recommendations, balanced with an understanding of the political reality.

He has led teams that have developed financial sector strategies for Rwanda and Lesotho, and been responsible for key technical components of national strategies including bank and non-bank supervision, deposit insurance, and safety net issues in Botswana, the Kyrgyz Republic, Uzbekistan and Sri Lanka.

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